Copyright, Schmopyrite. A Clients Guide to What You Can Do With Professional Images

Everyone has seen this little symbol. And oftentimes, few really understand what it means and why it should matter to you.

Let’s explore a few scenarios that you, as a client of a professional photographer, should be aware of and why NOT being aware of it could get you in some serious hot water.

What are Copyrights and Why Should I Care?

So you paid someone to take your photograph professionally. You own that photo and all rights to it, right?

Actually, that’s not even remotely true. What you own is the “rights” to how your photographer can use an image of you, but you don’t own any other rights beyond that. The photographer you hired owns all other rights to the image- how you can display it, how you can use it online, and how you can print it or reproduce it (if at all).

Copyrights are actually property rights and the control of how that photograph may be reproduced. Because you hired a photographer to do your family portrait or photograph your wedding, doesn’t mean you can make as many prints from your disc as you want. If fact, without some form of Release that entitles you to do so, you can be taken to court for payment of those rights to do so. You may not even have permission to post them online either without permission to do so since you are “reproducing” the image online. Once you “upload” the image(s), you still have them on a disk or drive, so you “reproduced” that image.

I just scanned my 8×10 so I can make a BIG Canvas! I can send the kid’s digital image to Grandma too! That’s going to be so cool!

You probably shouldn’t do that. Once again, you are violating the photographers copyright and the property rights he or she has as to how that image may be reproduced. Even the act of “scanning” is a violation since you reproduced the image from a print. If you never do anything but store it on your computer, you don’t have any rights that entitle you to do that.

Additionally, when you send that scanned image to a print lab, you are representing to them, in almost every case, that this is YOUR image that YOU own the rights to reproduce it with them. Since you don’t, the photographer has every legal means available to enforce their rights to reproduction. That can get costly- for you and possibly the lab that did the print.

They put this BIG watermark on my “sneak peek” on Facebook. I cropped it so my friends wouldn’t have to see it.

Whatever your photographer adds to an image- like a watermark- is considered a part of that image. Altering that by cropping is a violation of the copyright laws (the DMCA). Again, since you don’t own the copyright, any changes to that image means you are representing that you “own” that image and all rights to do whatever you want. Way too many people find out that hard way that this is a BIG no-no.

What about adding an Instagram or other “filter” to it to make it look “cool”?

Another big no-no. The image you have is considered an “artistic creation” and adding anything that changes that interpretation of what the photographer produced as his or her final image is a violation of their copyright. Most photographers add an “electronic” copyright to their images so any alteration, filters, cropping, etc., is a violation of that copyright. You can’t even change it to a B&W image if you think you might like that better.

My Photographer used an image of me in a Contest or advertisement. Can he do that?


Remember that I said you own the rights to usage of your own image, but not the actual photograph? Most photographers today ask for a “model release” in which you grant them permission to use your image as they see fit. It might be in a contract you sign or a separate document. It may be for limited usage or could be for whatever the photographer wants to do with it.

Now, there are certain things that are “implied” usage and doesn’t require a model release. For example, a photographer might post an image of you on their website as a “featured” image. They can do that. BUT, they might not be able to use it for a flyer or some other form of advertising. Unless you signed a model release, which you probably did without realizing it, they can still post to their website as representative of their work and artistic ability. Since they control the reproducti0n of that image, use on their own property is considered proper usage and since they do own their websites, domains, etc. and can use it there in most every case without permission.

But I PAID them to take my photograph! What do I get for THAT?

Well, yes you did and what you paid for wasn’t for the images in most cases, nor any usage rights or copyrights to that image. What you paid for was the time, talent, equipment usage, and creative vision of the artist. If your contract doesn’t specifically state that you get anything other than that, you don’t own anything copyright wise.

Take for example that you pay Office Depot for a Windows product. Do you own that software? The answer is a flat out no!

What you paid for was a LICENSE to use that software. You don’t own the code, the rights to alter it in any manner to suit your own needs, nor any right to reproduce it either. You have what is called a EULA- End Users Licensing Agreement- that you “check box” off that you understand this when you install it on your computer.

Basically, hiring a photographer means that he or she owns all rights to that image and can license them to you as they see fit.  Because you paid them to take your photograph, doesn’t grant you any rights. What you paid for was for them to use their skills to produce images that you can purchase and/or also obtain rights to usage as your photographer decides is best for his or her business.

My Photographer want $1500 for images of me I can print! THAT’S highway robbery!

Well, I am sure you think of it that way, but here are a few considerations. According to the PPA, Professional Photographers of America, 65% of PPA members make their sole living from photography. We have to eat too, pay house payments, insurance, taxes, and do all the things from our incomes as you do from yours. What your employer pays you is calculated in part in the prices they charge for products or services they provide. Professional Photographer are no different. We charge you for the rights to produce your own unlimited number of prints based on the income we would lose if we printed them for you.

Imagine for a moment that Microsoft “gave away” the rights to reproduce their software- or sold them really cheap. Their source of income- from their rights to be the sole producer of that software- would be next to nothing, thousands of people would not be working, and someone else would be gaining from their hard work, not them. I could then duplicate it, sell it for whatever I wanted or even give it away.

This is the very reason you often see lawsuits involving software manufacturers where some copy-written code was “stolen” and someone ends up paying dearly. Doing the same thing with a photograph could mean you are on the losing end of a similar lawsuit.

Can I share or use an image my photographer posted on Facebook?

Yes, you can. As long as you don’t alter the image in any manner- including cropping out the watermark, adding a filer, or doing anything that changes the final image that your photographer originally created.

When your photographer uploads an image of you to Facebook, they “surrender” only a small portion of their right to reproduce that image by others. What Facebook DOESN’T allow you to do with that image is alter it in any manner. Which means, you can’t download it, do a few Photoshop edits, and then re-upload it as your own- even if you are thoughtful enough to give the photographer credit. He or she still owns all rights to the unaltered image and altering it in any manner is a violation their copyright by you. This is usually the point where your photographer is going to get really upset and ask you to remove the image, so be prepared if that happens.

There is a NEW SERVICE where I can create photobooks from my Facebook Photos! Isn’t that a great idea!

Well, if you are using images you paid a photographer to create, and you don’t own any reproduction rights to do that, then no, you can’t use those images. It’s a great idea if these are images you made yourself, but not so great if you paid a photographer to take them!

The only images your are legally entitled to use are either ones you took yourself or ones you have the reproduction rights, in writing, from your photographer. Because your photographer tagged you or shared their images on your Facebook page, does NOT grant you any other rights OTHER than sharing or use on your Facebook page. They still own the reproduction rights.

Most any of these services that do that are going to ask you “do you own the rights to reproduce these images?”. If you answer “yes”, then you are subject to the photographer coming back to you and asking for payment. If you love their images so much you want to put them in a book, ask your photographer to do that for you! It can cost you far less in the long run should you “steal” their images and try to do it yourself.

We went to Walmart with our disc from our Wedding. They won’t print them and my photographer wants MORE MONEY for images that I can print! THAT’S OUTRAGEOUS!

Walmart is doing their job. They probably asked you for a “Print Release” and since your disc didn’t have one or you couldn’t produce one in writing, they are not supposed to print your images unless YOU created them. Chances are, your photographer embedded an electronic © symbol or text in the images and as soon as Walmart or other lab sees it, they want your release.

Many labs today are finding themselves on the losing end of lawsuits by photographers for printing images they own the copyrights too simply for not asking for print releases. Even online labs are asking for an electronic release- something you have in an electronic form like a PDF file- where you have the rights to print that image. If you don’t, then you can obtain that from your photographer. Yes, they have every right to ask for payment for one as they do own the rights to reproduce that image(s) you want to print. In most cases, it would be more to purchase the rights than to purchase the prints directly from them! They do have to eat you know.

Even though this is not totally “copyright” related, your photographer also has a certain right to produce images that represent their work as they envision it. Often times “consumer labs” fall way short of doing that. This is often one reason most photographers- your real Professionals that is- want to control their printed products. They want satisfied clients- you- and use pro labs for prints. The care they put into those images and the best possible printed representation of those images will benefit not only you, but also best serves the reputation of your photographer. Often times those “crappy prints” from Wackyworld’s lab doesn’t do that.

I did a “screen shot” of my images on the photographers website and posted them to Facebook. NOW they are all pissy and want them removed. I refuse to do that! They are MY PICTURES!

They are well within their rights to do so. Because they are pictures OF you doesn’t mean “YOU OWN THEM”.

Remember that copyright means they primarily own the reproduction rights to the images. Even if they are of you or a family member, you “stole” their image(s) and reproduced it without permission to do so. Add to it, by doing so, you represented it as “your own”. Even though it might be OF you, you don’t own any right to use it as you see fit or to scan it, copy it, screen shot it, or edit it without your photographers permission.When you “steal” our images and they don’t represent our best work- and that’s what happens with screenshots- we get upset. Let us bend over backwards to serve you, just please don’t “steal” from us. Just ask and we are most likely to accommodate you in every way possible.

My last Photographer gave us a disc of images we could print all we wanted. Why don’t YOU do that too?

There is one thing I totally believe- “you don’t make yourself look good by making others look bad”. So I want to stick to that edict and pray you will bear with me. So let’s call this part an bit of an “educational lesson” for consumers that I hope you will take to heart.

First, there is NO “prerequisite” to become a Professional Photographer. Basically, all it takes is for someone with a camera to call themselves one. Even though pretty much every full time professional has over $20,000 in equipment and over 10,000 hours of education to perfect our craft, it’s not a requirement. There are no tests involved, or any licensing boards to see if we are competent. Just put it out there- “I’m a Professional Photographer”.

Now here is where it usually starts- someone loves photography and gets themselves a decent camera. Someone tells them they take good pictures. Boom! They are now a “professional photographer” who wants to make a little extra money on the weekends taking pictures and getting paid money from people to do so! Exciting way to do that and doing something you love to do too. Perhaps its a few weddings “where the big money is”. Whatever it might be.

Statistically, this is what we know. 90% of these people will not be around inside of a year or two. They find out there is far more work involved to create the images people love and can generate enough income that makes it worthwhile The give their clients a disc of images for $75 and includes the “shooting time” too. Then they find out that hour of shooting time turns into 10 hours of editing time and all of a sudden they are grossing $6 an hour and after they pay for their website, their software, their computer and upgrade their equipment, they are in the hole $200 for everyone they photograph. So they raise their prices. Double. Still in the hole.

They are at the point where one of two things happens- they get out, saying, “there is no money in photography anymore” or they figure it out that copyright protections and printing of images is the only way they can pay their bills, eat, and keep their business afloat- even part time. The latter is the 5% that survive beyond 2 years.

Usually here is what you often get from the cheaper “guy down the street” who gives you a disc of images-

  1. Someone starting out who has a nice camera but hasn’t put in the hours needed to produce truly professional images you are paying for.
  2. Is usually part time and doesn’t make their living from their photography. They work at a bank or dry cleaners and only do this on the weekends. It’s not something they have dedicated themselves to just yet. They want to “try it” to see how it works out.
  3. Doesn’t really care what you do with your images and printing them for you to have, hold, and share with others isn’t important enough to do for you. Basically, they don’t care if your Wackywold prints suck. They just got paid to do your session and because your lab sucks, isn’t “my fault”. They often put that in writing even though they don’t have any access to a pro lab to produce prints that don’t.
  4. They don’t know enough to realize that a “full resolution” image isn’t properly prepared for printing. All they know is that they heard that all you have to do is upload it and you get remarkable prints- even though that ‘s not true at all. (there is a lot of technical details here that is part of that 10,000 educational hours I mentioned)
  5. The use “online ordering” with little if any “quality control” over the prints. All they know is that some lab, someplace, uses their “full resolution images”, not properly prepared, and sends you prints if you want to buy them. They hope you will order from them since “you can get better quality” and they make a couple more bucks. Maybe.

I could go on, but you get the idea, or hopefully you do. This is part and parcel why the person who was “into photography” a few years ago is usually out of the profession now and has sold everything they owned. I see their “camera for sale” ads in Craigslist all the time since they rarely realized that having a Professional Photography business isn’t going to survive by being what I call a “commodity photographer” and doing it in volume- not as a true, professional photographer who values giving the greatest experience possible to every client that come through the door. Over the years I have found that a lot of people who ask me “for a disc only” only are coming to me because that last “photographer” they used isn’t around anymore.

In closing, as a PPA Professional photographer, there are certain standards I must maintain to be someone you would want to come to and can come to over and over. My commitment is to you, the client and to be fair and honest in my dealings with you. It is to make the experience you have, one you will talk about over and over again. It is to provide you with the quality you are paying me to produce and it’s to provide for you, photographic prints you will display in your home and cherish for the rest of your life.

What I produce for you isn’t “ink and paper”. In a couple of years, those photographs will be priceless. If you feel that “ink and paper” is all you are wanting or that is all I provide, then there is always that “guy up the street that gives you a disc of images”. I’ve seen way more of those lost in a desk drawer, someplace- or become damaged and their “priceless-ness” become more apparent when they weren’t available anymore.

Or you could spend the $20,000 or so and the 10,000 hours or so needed to produce what I work hard to produce. But if you aren’t going to go that route and decide to hire me, please honor the copyrights I have on my images. We both will find our experience together as one we both will love!


3 Things Your Wedding Needs To Get Your Friends to Say……

Jackonville Wedding Photography
Why Make it Dull and Boring? Unique is where it’s at.

“This was the BEST WEDDING EVER!”

Many brides today are after more than just the traditional wedding day your Mom had. They have their own ideas and their own goals on their wedding day. So let’s explore how you can make that day better and bigger so you and your friends enjoy it more than any they have ever attended!

Church Weddings Out. Great Venues In.

Nearly every bride wants something unique and festive. Perhaps it is in your color selection or your decor. Either way, it’s got to be unique to you. So how can you get that?

Simple! First, define “who am I”? Is your style more festive and perhaps a bit on the wild side? Then definitely you want different. Thought about where that might be? How about a beach wedding where your ceremony lasts 10-15 minutes and then off to the Party! Or how about something along the river where you can create your own color scheme to match the earthiness of your location? Maybe even the more traditional venue with less tradition!

Brides today are all seeking something unique to them and their groom so they can display their own individualistic styles and show who they really are! But it’s about wowing your guests too! So whatever route you go, make sure you give them something that DOES want them staying longer.

Engage them and Share it all!

So many “fun photos” are what keeps your special, one-of-a-kind wedding day alive forever. But making sure your guests are engaged and talking about your wedding for weeks to come is going to be a huge hit with friends as you enjoy your honeymoon. So let’s make it one where you can do that!

Photobooths are fun times, so why not consider one at your wedding! And even the garter toss or bouquet toss doesn’t have to be something boring and old fashioned! One wedding I was recently photographing used a “football” theme to toss the garter! And the bride used a bouquet she tossed that was themed around her favorite football team too- all in their School colors! Most of her guests were fans as well, so that memory of the day went home with 2 happy people.

The possibilities here are endless, so see what you can come up with the will define your wedding day and have more and more engagement and sharing the images of the day!

Collaborate with your vendors to make it FUN!

Far too many vendors have it pretty well “set in stone” how they think your wedding day should go.

WRONG! That is if they want you to hire them that is.

Finding those who will work WITH your ideas and turn them into YOUR reality is whats going to work best for you. How about something totally off the wall in a photograph? Or a song you love but with a wrinkle only YOU can define? All of your ideas coming to life is what will make your wedding day unique and “totally you”!

As a photographer, I love it when brides bring me their Pinterst board of ideas? Why? Because it helps me better understand who they are and the little things that make them tick! And it helps me work with you in creating ideas that are completely unique TO YOU! Why have a super great wedding planned and the same dull and boring photos?

I also want to be sure that the images I create are the ones your friends not only share with their friends, but that your friends do say “WOW! This was the GREATEST WEDDING EVER!” and share everything over and over!

So what if you want grits and red beans for your wedding meal as your side dishes? If you love them, that’s GREAT! But if you want Asiago cheese dinner rolls with whipped butter, that is what you deserve and want. Make sure your vendors are on the same page you are and will work with you to get you the things YOU want and not what “they want to deliver”.

So how is the easiest way to do this? Perhaps this is the time to have a phone conversation over a text or email. Definitely you’ll want to meet with them, but do take a few minutes to talk to several and see where THEY are coming from and if they are asking about the “real you” versus what THEY will deliver!

Make it Easy to Share it with Everyone!

The last thing you want is a day where no one really knows what happened and tells your unique story. So how is that possible to be able to share it with everyone you know?

Apps baby, Apps! As a photographer, I want you to have way to share your wedding day with all your friends and family and do so with a specially designed App just for you! And it’s one your friends can get and use as well.

How can I do that? Because I can. And because I want to. It’s YOUR day and I want YOU to share it over and over so I found a way to make it happen. You can send it to friends and family, post to Social media and do all kinds of neat things with it too!

But what does it cost? Nothing. Nada. Not one red cent. It comes with the package you select and I do all the work in getting your images ready and uploaded for you to share. That way everyone can be a part of your special wedding day and tell everyone how great it was and how much fun they had too.


Want to know more about how we can help you? Got something unique in mind you want to discuss further?

Let me know what you have in mind.

I will even send you a Wedding Planning Guide to help you along the way so you don’t miss the important things of your wedding day- a $25 value absolutely free!

Or you can call or text me at 904-707-0875 and I’ll get right back with you.


“Your Wedding Photos are Ready!” What Kind of “tears” Will You Shed When You See Them?

Renae was beyond tired. Her entire day had been filled with photo albums and portfolio’s from other photographers. Her wedding day was only 3 months off and she put this task off as the last thing she needed to do. After all, “how hard can it be to find someone to snap a few pictures?” she reminded herself. “whoever is the cheapest is who I am hiring”.


Four months have passed since that day that Tom was hired and today was the “big day” for Renae to see her wedding photos. Little did she know what would await her and Kevin.

As Tom, her photographer, opened his laptop and started the slide show, Renae began to tear up. 20 minutes later, the gusher began. Continue reading ““Your Wedding Photos are Ready!” What Kind of “tears” Will You Shed When You See Them?”

What you Don’t Know About that “Cheap Photographer” that CAN Hurt You!

Let’s start out with a profound statement you might find surprising!

“I LOVE competition as a photographer!”

Now many are probably thinking “are you crazy or what? Isn’t the competition what you are fighting to stay in business?”

The short answer is “no”, but the more complicated one is the reason I say “what you don’t know about that “cheap photographer” that CAN hurt you!”. It’s NOT meant to “drive away” the competition, but to actually make me become something much better that will give you complete and total satisfaction in what I deliver!

I don’t hide the fact I have been behind a camera lens for a long time. I have seen so many changes in the photography industry, I probably forgot more than I remember. Compared to today, we went from the Model T to the Space Shuttle in a few short years. Cameras are “smart” today compared to even 15 years ago. And even smarter ones are coming out every few months. So what does that mean for you? Continue reading “What you Don’t Know About that “Cheap Photographer” that CAN Hurt You!”

Planning a Millennial’s Wedding: Avoiding the Mistakes Many Are Making

Wedding Photography Jacksonville, Fl
Wedding Photography Jacksonville, Fl

I have to admit, I love this Millennial Generation!

They are some of the most tech savvy of all and they use it constantly in most activities in their life.

But it can also be one of the most dangerous things when it comes to making solid and lasting decisions when planning a wedding, and expecting results they can love rather than just “like”. I see this in almost every single couple I meet with in discussing their photography needs and thankfully, a few have listened and didn’t regret their decisions. Others haven’t and I also hear about those too- long after the wedding is over.

Some of the things I do hear, and usually about the time for that first Family Portrait- “I wish we had better wedding photographs”. Often I get the “can you look at our wedding photos and see if you can fix them and make them any better?” Sadly, I have to be honest and tell them truthfully that I can’t. It’s really sad to see some of the things people are calling “Wedding pictures” because they aren’t much better than Iphone pictures.

The REALLY sad part is, they paid someone for what they do have.

I often ask, “how much was your photographer” and invariably, the answer is “well, he/she was cheap, so we tried to save money by hiring them”. I also have found several things they did that could have avoided these disastrous results too. Hopefully you will take these into account as you plan your wedding day and avoid that “nasty surprise” a few weeks after your wedding.

“We Hired our Photographer based on the Lowest Bid”

There is a general rule of thumb that more than applies to photographers. The more experienced and the more qualified your photographer, the more it will cost you. “Cheap” Photography comes with a price- they are more likely than not, learning to be a photographer and not really well versed in the demands of a wedding and capturing the moments in images you will love. Because they own the latest, hottest DSLR camera and a couple of lenses doesn’t make them a “professional photographer”! The camera doesn’t take the photograph, the person behind the lens does and if they aren’t well schooled in composition, lighting, and exposure then your results may vary- as in maybe you get lucky and maybe you don’t.

You will find way too many “photographers” out there advertising that $495 wedding package and you get wedding photographs that aren’t worth $95. This mistake CAN be avoided and the next section tells you exactly how!

“We never met the person who photographed our wedding until that day”

Oh how I wish I could tell this Millennial Generation to use your phones for more than text messages! I see far too many couples who want to “text it in” and hire their photographer that way. Their entire communication process from start to finish is “text me” your prices or “send me a sample” or some other use of technology you have in your possession at all times. I see them scouring the internet with their phones, looking at websites and making a choice of photographers that way.

Here is the BEST advise I can give you- CALL your prospective photographers, go MEET THEM FACE TO FACE and discuss your wedding plans. See what they offer in terms of packages, products, and qualifications. To be honest with you, I refuse to book a wedding for a couple I have NOT met face to face. If all they want is to “text it in”, then there is no possible way I can do their wedding photographs justice. One of the major factors in capturing the images you are going to want is for ME to get to know YOU in a personal way so that I CAN capture your love for one another in those moments you might find are missed otherwise.

Can you imagine “texting” in your wedding dress? So why do you think for one moment you should try that for anything else in planning your wedding? It is important that you have a good feeling about your photographer as any thing you do since they are going to be spending the entire day WITH YOU and not only taking photographs, but helping you as your day progresses. If you never met them, texted it in, and they show up on your wedding day, you’re going to be sorely disappointed in the results. Don’t get me wrong, a text message for a quick question is fine, but NOT to use to hire your photographer! Same goes for emails! Go see your prospective photographers. I promise, it will be worth the time.

“We Only Want Digital Images. We aren’t interested in anything else”

This is the middle of May, 2015. This year I have had 2 requests from past clients who “only wanted digital images” for their wedding photographs. One of them has “lost their disc” and the other one “had the disc get left in the car and it won’t work anymore”. Both are from weddings I photographed a few years back.

Over the many years, I have also made a LOT of wedding albums for couples too- more albums than “digital only” wedding photographs. In these years, I have only had to re-make one album and that was due to a fire while the couple was out of town. I also have had brides from years ago bring me their albums to show me how perfect they still are and to brag about how wonderful their images still are to this day.

Now I can tell you this that digital images are one of the greatest ways to capture and edit images. They are perhaps the worst way to “archive” them. So much so, I have totally stopped offering “digital images on a disc only” wedding packages. And it has NOTHING to do with the fact I “make more money” either, but has everything to do with the fact that I know that wedding albums are NOT going to be lost, damaged in the heat, and will last a lifetime and more. Unless I am providing you a product that is lasting and dear to your heart and providing images that you cry when you see them- no matter how often- then YOU wasted a lot of money.

So you hired that “cheap” photographer and you get your images “on a disc”. Now what will you do when in a few years when your disc is damaged, or the technology changes (as it has CONSTANTLY) and you can’t find your photographer to replace it? Or you perhaps DID save your files to your computer and it crashes and burns? Or you replace your computer and didn’t transfer your files? I rarely have EVER seen (or heard of) a couple misplace or lose their wedding album.

“We didn’t check to see if he/she was a legitimate business”

Did you know that a large percentage of “professional photographers”- or those who claim to be one- are NOT properly licensed to operate a business? They don’t have a business license, haven’t registered their business in the State, and do not collect or remit sales taxes as the law provides they must. Add to it, many only “photograph weddings” as a part-time thing.

So if you have an issue with your end results, and there is no legal business with which you have issue, how are you going to be affected if something goes wrong? Any photographer who is a genuine professional, has a legal business and operates 100% as such. There is no harm in finding out BEFORE you commit to hiring them and you should! Otherwise, you could be victim to many of those who will “take your money” and never provide a final product. And if they are “flying under the radar” so to speak, how will you find them?

Do they belong to any of the Professional Photographers Associations or their Local Photographers Guild? Membership in most of these require that you produce proper certification that you are a legitimate business, so you should ALWAYS ask if they belong to one of these and also VERIFY that they do. Even if they are part-time, membership in one of these tells you they are committed to excellence in their work.

If you do hire a “part time” photographer, make sure they are a legitimate business. Also find out if they offer products like albums and prints. “Digital only” photographers are generally only there for the “fast buck” and don’t want to spend the time needed to produce a quality final product. You are wanting excellence since there is really only ONE CHANCE to get these photographs “right” the first time. Being a legitimate business doesn’t totally guarantee it, but it sure does mean that the person you hire IS COMMITTED to their craft- even part time! And it also means you don’t have to chase down someone if things DO happen- they are going to stand behind what they do.


So there you have it- the 4 things I see the Millennial Generation doing that often leads to a far less “happy” outcome and how you can avoid making these mistakes. These are things I have discovered by talking to other Millennials and what you as one can learn from their mistakes. I do hope you take this to heart and consider your options as you plan your wedding day.


As a long time wedding photographer in Jacksonville, Fl, should you want to learn more about the various options I offer, feel free to drop me a note or call me! I would love to spend a few minutes over your favorite beverage and discuss the ways your wedding photographs can be not just good, but the spectacular images you dream about having!

Why Handing You a “Disk of Images” is the REAL Rip-off

A friend of mine used to be a Manager at McDonalds. He was part of a layoff and took a job there basically because it was all he could find and moved into Management pretty fast. As one of the managers, he was privy to a lot of “inside information” that few had access to.

One of the things he showed me was the “cost sheet” that every store manager used to place their daily order from their Distribution Centers. Now I don’t eat there often (WAY too many calories for this growing body), but occasionally I do love a Big Mac Value Meal. Lately, that has been around a $7 meal here locally- and higher in other parts of the country.

Now the cost of the ingredients needed to make that Big Mac is around $.74. Yes, $.74 cents. And they sell a LOT of them everyday. And add the fries and a drink, and it’s still under a buck cost to the store. So tell me, have you stood in line and argued with them that their $7 meal is a “rip-off”? And why is it that they are “marking up” their prices so much? Continue reading “Why Handing You a “Disk of Images” is the REAL Rip-off”

Why Printing from Your Photographers Digital Images Can Result in Disappointment

Walk into one of your local photographers studios and look around. See the marvelous works of art they have displayed. Even take a tour of a local gallery where various photographers have displays. Visit your local photography guilds or associations when they are having print competitions.

Can you see images in printed forms that literally jump off the paper at you? Continue reading “Why Printing from Your Photographers Digital Images Can Result in Disappointment”

The 3 Myths of Wedding Photography

Wedding Day in Jacksonville, FlI love photographing weddings. I always have.

What could be more touching and inspiring than to be a part of a couples most special day where they make the commitment of love to one another and share that with their friends and family.

Wedding photography isn’t for everyone. There is one or two things that happen to photographers- they photography one and fall in love with it or they absolutely can’t wait to never do another one. Photographers starting out often times get the idea that wedding photography is fast and easy money and you just go around and take a few pictures, hand the couple a DVD and that’s about all there is too it.

Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of couples think too. Which leads me to the 3 things many couples believe that simply aren’t true and put your day at risk along with having nothing but really bad wedding photographs. Continue reading “The 3 Myths of Wedding Photography”

Professional Photography- Do you want to buy my Cow or my Butter?

Family Photography Jacksonville, Fl
Family Photography Jacksonville, Fl

I was with a friend the other day and his wife called him, and the conversation went like this-

“Honey, can you stop by the store and get a gallon of milk? We also need some butter and a pack of cheese for the kids lunches. I would like to make that cream cheese pound cake you love, so get a pack of that too while your there.”

Okay, Mike, NOW I know you have gone completely off the deep end here. What in the WORLD does that have to do with “professional photography”? Continue reading “Professional Photography- Do you want to buy my Cow or my Butter?”

A Brides Dilemma- Cheap Disc Only Photos or that Professional Album?

Wedding Photos that RockAs you ponder your wedding plans, I am almost certain you are planning on your photography as well. So what are your choices and why one might be better suited for you than the other.

Far too many couples today are seeking a “cheap” photographer who will give them a disc of images with “rights” to print as many as they want. Sound really good, right?

I mean, you get all the images you want, and you cut your expenses, you get to do with your images as you please, and is well!

Could that be a HUGE mistake? Well, from a consumer standpoint, you are probably thinking NO, it’s not. However, I offer an alternative answer- it probably is. Continue reading “A Brides Dilemma- Cheap Disc Only Photos or that Professional Album?”