What is “The Thing” That Makes a Great Photograph?

Family PortraitGreat Photographs Aren’t Accidents, They are Created

As I started with that first Leica 35mm rangefinder camera and a roll of B&W film, honestly, I felt like I had found something intimidating and overwhelming- for about 5 minutes. I felt that learning to load the film, set the shutter speed and f-stop was going to be a task I could perhaps learn to do, and if the film was still “good”, it would allow me to snap a few photographs of family and friends that I would want to see and share with others. Little did I know that those early photographs were going to be some of the most cherished ones I ever took.

As soon as the “pictures” came back from the Lab, I was hooked! I managed to overcome the overwhelmed feeling since I actually had managed to “take a picture” with a camera that only “advanced” photographers could master. Well, I was FAR from a master, but I managed to get through Step One of a lifetime of learning and change. Film is almost non-existent and Digital is the present and the mass of people today can photographs almost at will these days. Continue reading “What is “The Thing” That Makes a Great Photograph?”

The #1 Question Brides Ask Wedding Photographers First and Why That Could be a Mistake

ReynoldsWed-2-2As the peak of “engagement season” is fast approaching- more engagements occur from September through Jan than any other time of the year- more and more brides will be seeking Wedding photographers. Which means, more and more of you will be starting to plan your wedding and looking for venues, caterers, florists, bridal gowns, and photographers.

Here are a few questions that brides should be asking, and often times aren’t for whatever reason and a few questions they ARE asking and shouldn’t be! Continue reading “The #1 Question Brides Ask Wedding Photographers First and Why That Could be a Mistake”

Reynold's Collage2

One of the many questions that brides ask in planning their wedding is “What is my wedding photography going to cost”.

It is such a common question, that recently a nationwide survey was done to determine an average cost in various cities in the United States.

On average, nationwide, the cost is $2814 for wedding photographers. On the high end of the scale was San Francisco at $3931 and the other end was Salt Lake City at $2215.

Since many factors determine the price of your wedding photography, you should take into account that location is going to determine a lot of the pricing you will encounter. An Atlanta wedding photographer will average $2669 and in Miami,  you can expect an average of $2545. Continue reading “What’s the Average Cost of Wedding Photography?”

Getting Out of That “Creative Rut” in Your Wedding Photography

Creative LightingDo you ever find yourself thinking that after a years worth of wedding photography work, you might be losing your “creative edge”? Or that every wedding your photography seems almost “cookie cutter” in the way your photos turn out?

It happens to us all and yes, there are some realities about your wedding photography you have to face. A lot of your weddings are going to be nearly the same in feel, theme, order of events, and a whole host of “other things” that are almost identical.

But no two weddings are exactly alike and your “creative edge” can get challenged at times. You might even be thinking “why” am I doing the same things over and over and over and nothing “creative” seems to happen. Continue reading “Getting Out of That “Creative Rut” in Your Wedding Photography”

Wedding Photography for Price Conscience Brides

DSC_5325As a bride that is planning her wedding, no doubt the largest thought in your mind is how expensive everything is and can you budget it all within your available money. And, can you get 100% of what your wedding day is supposed to look like in your minds eye?

That answer can be a definite “yes” and there are many ways to accomplish that without totally busting your budget or slighting yourself in any way. Here are a few tips to help you along the way and especially in choosing a wedding photographer. Continue reading “Wedding Photography for Price Conscience Brides”

Wedding Photography Timelines- Saving the Day is this Simple

Bratch-White-11Every Bride and Groom have spend many days planning, designing, and bringing together their perfect wedding day. And you definitely want great photos of the day and all the little touches you put together for the celebration. So how do you assure that your get all those photographs made and in a timely manner?

There are many ways you can have your wedding photographed and many photographers who can shoot it in a style that works for you. Some prefer the more formal photography that has been used for years. Others want more candid or “photo-journalistic” style of photos where little formal “group” shots are made. And most want a combination of both for their wedding memories. Continue reading “Wedding Photography Timelines- Saving the Day is this Simple”

5 Ways to Avoid Wedding Photography Disasters when using Online Hiring Services

DemarcosMcquade-5As a Professional Wedding Photographer, the one thing I hear from brides and grooms is that they want “wedding pictures”. Yet, after spending a few moments with them, I’ve discovered a lot more is really what they desire. They have seen photographs they love and a basic idea of what their wedding photography should look like.

Sometimes they will bring clippings from magazines or Pinterest and share those ideas they would like to incorporate into their own photographs. Often they have a theme they are using throughout their wedding and want to capture that in their photography. Either way, they have a vision of what their wedding photographs should look like when they see the final results. No doubt, you do to. Continue reading “5 Ways to Avoid Wedding Photography Disasters when using Online Hiring Services”

7 Ways to Turn Your Engagement Photos from Dull to Spectacular!

WrightFosterWM-99Now that you have said “Yes”, it’s time to start thinking about your wedding and all those arrangements to make it your most special day. Many young ladies have been thinking about and planning this day for years and now you get to put those visions into reality.

Your engagement photography should be one of those things right on top of your list. Once your date is set, one of the first things you should consider is scheduling your engagement photography session. You’ll more than likely want to send out “Save the Date” announcements and a great photograph or 2 or 3 makes them just that much more special.

Most of your family and friends will want to keep them as a memory of your announcement and you should make sure they are special and definitely “you”.

Continue reading “7 Ways to Turn Your Engagement Photos from Dull to Spectacular!”

The 6 Reasons to do Wedding Photos Before Your Ceremony

DemarcosMcquade-1Over the years photographing weddings, I have discovered several things about wedding photographs that are directly related to when you choose to have your wedding photos taken. As I look over my own photographs, as well as the work of other photographers, I found that the time those photographs were made has a great bearing on their quality as well as capturing all the many memories of the day.

Very few really terrific weddings happen because of a “shotgun” approach to your planning, but are the result of careful attention to all the details. Your wedding photographs should be as much a part of that plan as anything you do, if not more so. Early on, I developed a photography timeline and also that all important “shot list” I use in doing your photography. Here are a few of my timeline suggestions for making your photographs spectacular and dazzling. Continue reading “The 6 Reasons to do Wedding Photos Before Your Ceremony”