“How much for just a disc of our pictures”?

Do you want to know the one question I fear the most?

“How much is it for just a disc of the images?”

Don’t think you are alone in asking me this question. I get it all the time.

Now, I have tried as hard as I can to come up with some manner to politely say “I don’t offer that”, but in spite of my best efforts, I seem to have failed to find one. If I had one, you would probably walk away and then I know you are going to suffer disappointment, even though you might think you are getting a “good deal” someplace else. Continue reading ““How much for just a disc of our pictures”?”

What you Don’t Know About that “Cheap Photographer” that CAN Hurt You!

Let’s start out with a profound statement you might find surprising!

“I LOVE competition as a photographer!”

Now many are probably thinking “are you crazy or what? Isn’t the competition what you are fighting to stay in business?”

The short answer is “no”, but the more complicated one is the reason I say “what you don’t know about that “cheap photographer” that CAN hurt you!”. It’s NOT meant to “drive away” the competition, but to actually make me become something much better that will give you complete and total satisfaction in what I deliver!

I don’t hide the fact I have been behind a camera lens for a long time. I have seen so many changes in the photography industry, I probably forgot more than I remember. Compared to today, we went from the Model T to the Space Shuttle in a few short years. Cameras are “smart” today compared to even 15 years ago. And even smarter ones are coming out every few months. So what does that mean for you? Continue reading “What you Don’t Know About that “Cheap Photographer” that CAN Hurt You!”

Professional Photography- Do you want to buy my Cow or my Butter?

Family Photography Jacksonville, Fl
Family Photography Jacksonville, Fl

I was with a friend the other day and his wife called him, and the conversation went like this-

“Honey, can you stop by the store and get a gallon of milk? We also need some butter and a pack of cheese for the kids lunches. I would like to make that cream cheese pound cake you love, so get a pack of that too while your there.”

Okay, Mike, NOW I know you have gone completely off the deep end here. What in the WORLD does that have to do with “professional photography”? Continue reading “Professional Photography- Do you want to buy my Cow or my Butter?”

What is “The Thing” That Makes a Great Photograph?

Family PortraitGreat Photographs Aren’t Accidents, They are Created

As I started with that first Leica 35mm rangefinder camera and a roll of B&W film, honestly, I felt like I had found something intimidating and overwhelming- for about 5 minutes. I felt that learning to load the film, set the shutter speed and f-stop was going to be a task I could perhaps learn to do, and if the film was still “good”, it would allow me to snap a few photographs of family and friends that I would want to see and share with others. Little did I know that those early photographs were going to be some of the most cherished ones I ever took.

As soon as the “pictures” came back from the Lab, I was hooked! I managed to overcome the overwhelmed feeling since I actually had managed to “take a picture” with a camera that only “advanced” photographers could master. Well, I was FAR from a master, but I managed to get through Step One of a lifetime of learning and change. Film is almost non-existent and Digital is the present and the mass of people today can photographs almost at will these days. Continue reading “What is “The Thing” That Makes a Great Photograph?”