Mike YostHi everyone, I am Mike Yost and photography is a passion I truly have. And it’s something I have been doing for quite a while.

I started when I was in High School as the “school photographer” for our school newspaper, our yearbook, and just having fun with a camera.

My first venture into photography was with black and white film, as I would shoot it, develop it and turn it into prints. I learned the foundational basics of photography mostly through trial and error and boy were there a lot of errors. But there were few resources for photographers to learn from and the internet was in it’s infancy.

I learned portraiture and wedding photography from a great mentor and his passion for his work was as strong as mine. He always told me to make your next job your best work and I have striven to make that a reality in every photo I take. I photographed my first wedding of a classmates of mine at age 18.

I believe it’s never the camera or the “gear” you use to make great photographs, but the vision behind the camera that’s really the key to great photography. Even some of the greatest photographs ever taken were with cameras that many amateurs used. Granted great equipment helps and in the hands of a seasoned professional can turn out some spectacular images, but without telling the story of the picture IN the picture, a lot can become just ordinary snapshots.

I love working with people and bringing something special into their lives and that is the memories of that special wedding day, that wall portrait displayed proudly, or those moments in time that are captured for an eternity. Call me for your photographic needs and find out how “Focused on your image” can make your special moments last in memory for a lifetime.




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  1. Great article – I have been saying for many years that this will be the “lost generation” photographically. When I was a kid you could always find a box of “snapshots” under your grandmothers bed or in her closet that showed the family and friends of generations past.

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