“Your Wedding Photos are Ready!” What Kind of “tears” Will You Shed When You See Them?

Renae was beyond tired. Her entire day had been filled with photo albums and portfolio’s from other photographers. Her wedding day was only 3 months off and she put this task off as the last thing she needed to do. After all, “how hard can it be to find someone to snap a few pictures?” she reminded herself. “whoever is the cheapest is who I am hiring”.


Four months have passed since that day that Tom was hired and today was the “big day” for Renae to see her wedding photos. Little did she know what would await her and Kevin.

As Tom, her photographer, opened his laptop and started the slide show, Renae began to tear up. 20 minutes later, the gusher began.

The Three Things You Must Do in Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

Renae did a lot of things right.

She actually sat down with several wedding photographers and looked at their offerings. But Renae also entered into her search with a couple of misguided beliefs too. So let’s see if we can determine how Renae’s story ended and how you can find an ending that might be better than others have ended.

“It’s not hard snapping a few pictures for my wedding”

Wedding photographers don’t “snap a few pictures”. If that’s all you want, then do what one misguided bride did and hand all your guests a cheap pocket camera and let them snap away! Or ask them to bring their cellphones and do the same and send you all their images!

Great wedding photos don’t happen “by accident”, but take careful planning and commitment by professional wedding photographers who actually photograph a lot of weddings. If something goes incredibly wrong, your professional wedding photographer can and will be able to not only handle it, but turn it into a great memory for you that will bring laughter and joy when you see what was created. Not only that, because weddings go incredibly fast, you have someone who has the experience to handle that pace as well by being in the right place at the right time for those memorable images.

Most wedding days are around 8 hours long from the start of preparations to the rice being thrown. Your photographer is going to work hard on your wedding day to capture every last moment of it. If you are concerned about having a great memory that will last a lifetime, then someone who only can “snap a few pictures” isn’t likely to be able to deliver that. Ask any bride who thought that “snapping a few pictures” was the case how that turned out for her. Hiring a full time, professional wedding photographer can and will give you a memory of your wedding day that your kids will enjoy as each image is looked at with the love and emotion of your special day.

“Whoever is the cheapest is who I am going to hire!”

Far too often brides “price shop” for their wedding photographer. Usually that ends in either tears or disaster- and usually NOT tears of joy.

That “cheap price” is going to come from one of 2 types of photographers:

1. The amateur who is just starting out and thinks photographing weddings is a great way to earn extra money with their camera or-

2. A “shoot and burn” photographer who does little to your images in terms of editing to assure you perfection of your wedding day photos. They basically “shoot the wedding”, download to their computer, and “burn” you a disc.

Rarely do “cheap” and “good” come in the same package when it comes to wedding photographers- if ever.

Once your professional wedding photographer has spent his entire day with you, the work is just beginning. Editing your images for perfection will usually take 6-8 hours for every hour of photography. They pour through usually hundreds {or in some cases even thousands} of your images. Each is selected carefully, fully edited, and then turned into something you often see in the Wedding magazines.

Amateurs and “shoot and burn” photographers with that “cheap price” either don’t have the editing skills to accomplish that or only want to get in, get out, and hand you a disc of images. They rarely have the photography skills either to produce top quality images in terms of lighting, composition or posing.

Do I need to get into the details you are going to miss in your photos or the lousy poses you might end up with? A true professional won’t miss those things and will know exactly how to put you in a pose that flatters you in every way AND captures the love and emotion of your day. That takes years of experience and dedication to photographing weddings.

No, they aren’t going to be “cheap”, but neither is a Mercedes-Benz. “Cheap” or great- that’s your choice. One comes fraught with danger and the other comes with joy in the end.

“Her wedding day was only 3 months off”

Every bride want to do a couple of things right off the bat when they get engaged.

Shopping for that perfect wedding dress is always high on the list! As is selecting flowers, bridesmaids dresses, colors, and perhaps venues. And that “wedding photographer” often seems to be somewhere near the bottom of the list.

The simple fact is, the wedding photographer who is a true professional is going to be booked up to a year or more in advance. The chances are, all you have left to choose from is the “pro wanna-be” amateur or the “shoot and burn” photographer.

Every wedding planner that you speak with will advise you to start your search early for your wedding photographer. That task should be very high on your list- right after you select your venue and have that booked. What ends up happening is that you “run out of money”, so you end up with “cheap” photography or something far less in your final product that isn’t going to be as wonderful an experience as you hope you get.

Renae must have gone through an entire box of tissues when she and her husband saw their slideshow.

Tom was the last photographer they met with that day- 3 months before their wedding. Tom took the time to get to know them, spend time finding out what their needs were and what concerns they had. He showed them exactly how each of those concerns were best resolved when hiring him.

Tom was the most expensive of all the photographers they talked with, but he brought a calm and assured manner as he talked and asked them about their plans for their wedding day. He genuinely cared about them getting more than just “snap shots” of their wedding day, but instead helped them get 100% of what they wanted and 100% more than what they expected too. Tom was that true Professional Wedding Photographer with years of experience.

Renae has a lasting memory of her entire wedding day. It happened more by accident than plan. Tom just happened to have her date open when she spoke with him. Her tears were tears of joy that flowed that day when the slideshow started. The gusher at the end was because she didn’t make the mistake of going “cheap” and instead went with GREAT!

Will this be how your story ends?



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