Senior Portraits? 4 Tips to Help You Find Your Photographer and Save Money

Jacksonville Senior PortraitsSenior Portrait season is right on us here in Jacksonville Florida!

Many of the Juniors this year, who graduate in 2016, are soon looking to have those portraits made to celebrate a grand milestone in their life. Nothing could be better than realizing you have gone through 12 years of school and are nearing the end of one journey and off to another one!

Our weather will soon be warming, the flowers will be blooming, and the sounds of baseball, softball, and other sports will be heard around our area. Basketball tournaments will be in full swing soon, and champions will be crowned.

For those of you who are beginning to think about how you want your Senior Portraits to look, here are a few tips that will help you find your photographer and perhaps save you a lot of money in doing so! If you’re ready, let’s start-

1. Consider joining a Model Program.

I am currently looking for models for my 2016 Senior Ambassador Program.If you join one, you usually can get your sessions done at either a reduced rate, or in my program, totally free! If you do get chosen for one, usually there are a lot of perks to go along with it. I offer free Rep Cards, a free phone App, discounts on your final purchase packages and tons of other things you will love showing off to your friends and family.

So what’s the catch? I get to use your photographs in showing other Seniors what I can create for them, you also share your images with friends as well and hopefully, earn your discounts by steering your friends our way for their Senior Portraits too! Because what I create is unique, imaginative, and unlike anything you have seen, I know you will love your photographs and your friends will want us to do theirs too.

2. Find a photographer that can show your personality and achievements in a way that says who and what you are. Senior Portrait Jacksonville Fl

This is important and chances are, you are going to want to talk to more than one photographer. Some create traditional images and others non-traditional images or both. What you are from a personality standpoint will help you decide once you meet with a photographer and discuss your ideas and theirs. If you match, you will know it.

3. DON’T try to “text” your way to finding a photographer.

Sure, texting is “the way” to communicate these days. We all use it. But it doesn’t give you much information about who you are and your personality, nor does it give you the personality of the photographer you are trying to hire either. You might discover you absolutely HATE them once you get in front of the camera and could have avoided this by calling (yes, that is a telephone too-LOL) and talking to them face to face as well. Treat your selection of your photographer as if you are hiring someone and doing a job interview. They are going to want to get to know you as well so they can create your masterpiece. It’s not such a scary proposition as you might think and could result in the greatest experience you ever had too!

4. Don’t base your decision totally on “lowest price”.

Too often it becomes a “call every photographer and get the cheapest one”. Some think “they all are the same” so go for the lowest price and forget the rest. You will find that experience of your photographer is like anything else- find one that loves working with Seniors, has the personality you can work with, and offers you something that says “this is who I am” rather than someone with a low, cheap price. Often these are photographers just starting out and have little experience in capturing who you are.

Also, forget “digital images” as your only way of showing your photographs. I can tell you that this is full of danger, but hey, what do I know? Well, I know that your parents, grandparents and a lot of your friends will want keepsakes of your achievements, so get prints made. You will want invitations, and announcements too, so get those from your photographer as well. They don’t offer them? Don’t waste your time on them then! A full service photographer is going to be able to do these things and provide you the best possible products they can find.

These 4 tips can help you find someone to take your Senior Portraits and you to have images you love and share with everyone! Want to know more about how I can create those unique and remarkable photographs for you and be a part of our Ambassador Program?

Simple contact me at 904-707-0875 or email me at



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