The Latest Trend in Weddings. It’s Not What You Expect

If you came here looking for the latest wedding dress trend, or the hot new way to decorate and have a fabulous venue, then you are going to be disappointed. But if you want to avoid one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make in planning your wedding, then read on!

No, the latest trend in weddings has nothing to do with the wedding day or the music or food or anything else that you are planning on, but has a LOT to do with having your wedding day memories captured in the photographs you cherish. Every month, I have inquiries from couples who what to know if I can “fix” their wedding photographs or can offer them something better than what they have. Or perhaps they want me to design an album or provide them with quality prints. Sadly, 99% of the time, I pass totally once I see their images.

So what IS the latest “hot trend” in weddings these days?


So exactly what is that? It is usually someone with their brand new Digital Camera whose Grandma told them they take “better pictures” than they do down at Sears or Penny’s so they should become a “professional” photographer! So they get themselves one of those “Free” websites, borrow (illegally) a few images from other photographers websites, or buy a few “stock images” that they call their own and VIOLA’- they are “in business” as wedding photographers.

AND, they hope that their current job doesn’t call them into work on a day they have a wedding booked! Not to mention, they have never taken a single class on photography, lighting, composition, or even mentored with another professional photographer.

Yes, you will find their ads all over Craigslist or perhaps they even have a listing on one of the Wedding Vendor websites. You see them everywhere- “Wedding Photography- $400”. And countless couples bite on these ads or proposals and find themselves victims of the fraud LONG AFTER it’s too late to do anything about it.

You see, these “Fraudographers” aren’t really Professional anything- except at luring you into giving them money, and then providing you images of that are nothing short of amateurish quality. Your photos are either poorly composed, poorly lit, grainy and noisy, out of focus, and so bad you wish you could find a better hiding place to keep them. And you probably are going to be in tears inside of 30 minutes because they are nothing like the representations you saw on their website.

One great quote that you should take to heart:

The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory
       — Aldo Gucci

So are you going to be the “victim” of the latest “Fraudographer” that offers you that cheap price and provides you images you absolutely despise? Or would you rather go ahead and hire that true professional photographer with his/her OWN images and body of work that allows you to get a feel for the quality images you desire?

Face it, if i offered you a brand new BMW for $1000 you would probably be suspicious that it was legitimate. You probably would laugh before you ran. So why are you going to NOT be suspect of that $400 “wedding photographer” when they offer their Fraudography services to you WITHOUT checking them out 100% totally? And what will you do when they have to work that Saturday your wedding day falls on and they don’t show up?

Suggestion- hire a true, reliable, and competent PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER and pay them what they are worth and you won’t find yourself looking for someone to “fix your wedding photographs” when they can’t be “fixed” because you hired a Fraudographer!



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