The 5 Best Reasons to NOT Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer!

So you have decided to get married and have started getting hundreds of emails from Wedding Photographers, each telling you to “Hire Me” and you will get “great wedding photography”. It’s getting old and you know that deep down inside, you hate the idea of spending all that money and of having to actually HIRE someone to capture your Wedding Memories you will keep  for a lifetime. Definitely, you don’t want great photographs and perhaps one of those professionally designed albums or professional prints. After all, they are just out to take your money and harass you until you fork it over for SOMEONE! I mean, WHO in their right mind would actually HIRE someone to capture the full meaning of perhaps THE most important day of your life when there are so many alternatives!

So here are a few ideas you can use that shows you really have a better plan and can justify NOT hiring someone.

1. You really like those Instagram photos. After all, anyone with a camera phone and the app can capture your wedding day and post them on the internet for everyone to see! Those faded colors and pasty skin tones are, well, COOL! So you are going to get your friends to show up with their I-phones, snap away, and have the coolest collection of pasty faced, muted tone, and “imaginative” photos that they can take. You don’t need those images of the tiny things you want to remember, but prefer everyone to take at least 50-100 I-phone photos and post them to their Instagram page. What a great way to show off your wedding! Face it, you will have the largest collection of “selfies” that every wedding day should have! And imagine printing those “low resolution” images! It doesn’t really matter than anything over a 4×6 has all those pixels showing, you have an exclusive Instagram wedding collection!

2. You can buy 100 of those disposal cameras, give one to every guest and let THEM snap away! You know, those film instamatic, waterproof, and failure proof “cameras” you can buy at Walgreens for $5. Imagine the grand time seeing what your friends thought was important. No matter you have 500 photos of all the same thing! And the developing costs, print costs, and the like! YOU have something unique and, well, unique. After all, WHO actually has 300 pictures that are too dark to actually make out what it was a picture of! But by golly, YOU do! And who else has the greatest collection of “Grandma took these ” photos where heads are chopped off, your Maid of Honor’s shoulder is all you can make out, and the ring exchange was only of your feet! YOU didn’t waste a dime on a money grubbing Professional Photographer that actually took great wedding photos!

3. You can get your cousin Jenny to take those wedding photos! She has the greatest collection of the coolest pictures of her kids that all look the same you have ever seen. I mean who else has one of those fancy-dancy point and shoot cameras that takes perfect pictures and will do it for free- as their “wedding gift” to you! It doesn’t really matter if half the peoples eyes are closed, no creative posing is done, and everyone has that same sad and pensive “I hate pictures” look on their faces! YOU have a free photographer and are guaranteed 100% of your wedding photos look identical- just like all her cool photos of her kids look! And what IF a few are blue or green tinted! I mean, you DO have something unique and well, cool. And free!

4. Your future husband has a friend of a friend at work who offered to do your wedding photography for $100! Now HE has one of those really super duper DSLR’s that he hasn’t figured out how to take off “Auto mode” just yet, but these “smart cameras” all are the same and can pretty much figure out all the settings AUTOMATICALLY! Now, even though 99% of his photos are of the neighbors barns, those are some grand barn photos. Along with those garden photos, the dog photos, the canary his Grandmother owns, and a few shots of his kids.  I mean for $100 what possibly could you expect except the best and most excellent photos his automatic mode photography can deliver! Even though he isn’t real good with editing or making his images better, you will have some “great shots” of whatever his auto mode camera can figure out might be great. So what that he has a 4 gb SD card that only holds 150 photos and didn’t buy several for the 500 photos you really want! Or he depends on that “pop-up” flash for lighting that is good for about 10 feet and then it’s a crap shoot for lighting at best! What difference does it make that his one and only battery went dead half way through the ceremony? Or that someone accidentally knocked his camera off the table and he doesn’t have a backup! YOU saved a ton of money for one of those “professional photographers” and can brag to all your friends about how you have “great” wedding photos and got them CHEAP!

5. So now you have considered the above 4 options and none quite seem right. So instead, you decided you would “put it out for bids” and get the lowest priced photographer you can find! After all, it IS all about the PRICE, right? It doesn’t really matter much since ALL wedding photographers are the same, right? Even if  you didn’t really sit down and ask a few questions to see if he/she had experience in photographing weddings, or was a full-time professional photographer- they “all are the same”, right? Just because his “day job” is working on the back of a garbage truck and he owns a DSLR camera and takes a few photos on weekends to “make a little extra money” which doesn’t make him a really great “photographer”, he gave you a dirt cheap price. You really don’t want edited photos where the colors are correct, the photos capture your emotions and excitement of the day. You don’t really WANT to have the ability to order an album later on, or get professional quality prints that last 100 years or more for your lifetime of memories of your wedding day.  That DVD that will be pretty much useless in 5-7 years is good enough! You don’t really want a photographer that archives your photos in the event something happens. YOU just want the cheapest price! And really don’t have much else in mind other than finding that person who is, well, CHEAP!

Well, there you have 5 of the best reasons you can find to keep you from hiring a professional photographer for THE most important day of your life! If you have one we haven’t thought about, then feel free to add it in the comments. We would love to find as many as possible and invite brides everywhere to see what “mistakes” they are making by actually looking for, interviewing, and hiring one of those real, ‘takes great wedding photos”, professional photographers.

So what are YOUR ideas and reasons for being able to save all that money?  And if you have a “wedding photography” disaster story, share that too so that others can discover the pitfalls of NOT using a professional photographer and can at least have a great excuse as to why they didn’t either!


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