7 Ways to Turn Your Engagement Photos from Dull to Spectacular!

WrightFosterWM-99Now that you have said “Yes”, it’s time to start thinking about your wedding and all those arrangements to make it your most special day. Many young ladies have been thinking about and planning this day for years and now you get to put those visions into reality.

Your engagement photography should be one of those things right on top of your list. Once your date is set, one of the first things you should consider is scheduling your engagement photography session. You’ll more than likely want to send out “Save the Date” announcements and a great photograph or 2 or 3 makes them just that much more special.

Most of your family and friends will want to keep them as a memory of your announcement and you should make sure they are special and definitely “you”.

Here are some tips that can make your photography very special and something that will make your family and friends go “WOW”!

1. Schedule your session with a professional photographer. True pros know more about posing, lighting, and doing location work that makes your photos sparkle. Capturing your love and emotions is the most important part of your experience and true professionals know how to bring that out in your photography session.

2, Think about special places you like to go as a couple or things you like to do as a couple. Incorporate that into your engagement session with your photographer and you have something your friends can relate to. You can have fun and capture the laughs and courtship in your photos that you and others will love seeing. Some of my best engagement sessions came from “taking a walk” though your favorite places.

3. Pray for slightly overcast skies on the day of your session. Bright sun makes for harsh shadows and seldom compliments anyone. You will love the photos far more with that soft, overcast sky lighting. Your photographer can also use fill-flash or reflectors in the event you have a bright, sunny day. If you have the option of doing something indoors, then take advantage of your photographers ability to light your session with flash lighting.

4. Plan your session late in the day or early evening. That last hour of daylight is called the “golden hour” and makes for beautiful lighting and warm colors. Often times, those sunset photos are the most dramatic and the ones you love the most.

5. Plan on a couple of hours with your photographer for your engagement session. My experience with couples is that it takes about 20-30 minutes to get them comfortable with the camera and the last hour and 1/2 makes the best photos because your are relaxed. Just be playful and have fun.

6. Since you are going to need a wedding photographer, consider getting your Engagement session as part of a complete wedding/engagement package. Most all professional photographers will give you a better price if you get the entire package instead of “piece-meal”.

7. Most importantly, relax, have fun, and show your genuine love for each other. Flirt, talk, hold hands, share moments together and enjoy the courtship. Your photos will reflect that and give you just one more memory of your love that you want to share forever.

These tips will make your Engagement photos and “save the date” announcements really special and unique. Schedule early on in your wedding planning for this session- usually 9-12 months from your wedding date. Take advantage of the spring or fall weather since it’s not as hot or cold.

For a Free copy of my “Wedding Planning Tips for Perfect Picture Photography”, simply fill out the form below and you will get your very own copy to make your planning just that much easier!


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